The ECAP Network

The Edinburgh Child and Adolescent Psychology (ECAP) Network is composed of psychologists within Edinburgh University. The network is coordinated from the Department of Clinical Psychology by Dr Jo Williams.

ECAP includes recognised experts in the fields of:

  • Child and adolescent mental health;
  • Cognition, language and learning;
  • Social development and relationships;
  • Atypical development.

ECAP aims to:

  • Encourage theoretically important and innovative child and adolescent psychology research
  • Create a supportive network for researchers and post-graduate students
  • Achieve a range of high quality research facilities and resources
  • Promote the impact of child and adolescent psychology research on policy and practice

The History of ECAP

Child and adolescent psychology research has a strong heritage in the University of Edinburgh. Today, child and adolescent psychology research in the University of Edinburgh is distributed across three strong centres: the Department of Clinical Psychology, the Department of Psychology, and Moray House School of Education. Each centre has a team of academics and research students whose research focuses on specific aspects of child and adolescent psychology. These teams came together in 2012 to form the ECAP Network.

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